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Providing Student Education is a Top Priority

Before Epilogos...

There were no computers in the village, no literacy classes, and no scholarships for the bright, highly motivated students born hopelessly poor.

...And now

  • Hundreds of needy children who would have dropped out of school have received educational financial support, uniforms, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, and learning aids.
  • Three village schools now have state-of-the-art computer systems and new facilities.
  • 1500 students have newly constructed, fully equipped science labs.
  • 1200 students have a new internal lending library with hundreds of books and educational CDs.
  • Unschooled adults and youth attend literacy classes.
  • Local art, English, and science teachers are learning new classroom skills from U.S. volunteer teachers.
  • Various schools now provide healthy lunches and snacks to more than 800 needy children.
  • Volunteers and school youth and their families created sturdy foundations for a future gymnasium that will have a stage, bleachers, and a large roof when completed.
  • More than 50 students are able to attend high school and primary grades each year through donations for educational aid.

If you would like to sponsor students so they can attend school, the cost is:
- $180 for high school for a year
- $150 for grades 8-9 for a year
- $90 for grades K-7 for a year

Read all about the Epilogos Educational Aid process, in Issue 09 of our newsletter

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