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Helping To Provide Care in The Community

Before Epilogos...

Dental services were primitive, at best! Medicine was scarce. Few, if any, medical services reached residents of remote areas. Water, if available at all, was contaminated. Dengue fever was prevalent. A nearby hospice for indigent patients was frequently running out of morphine, and family members could not afford to visit their dying relatives.

There was virtually no eye care.

...And Now

  • The village has a complete dental clinic and welcomes visits by U.S. volunteer dentists
  • Various U.S. volunteer medical professionals conduct rural health clinics several times a year
  • Many groups bring purchased or donated medical equipment and medicine
  • Health professionals donate mosquito nets and home water purification units to those who otherwise can't afford them
  • Families of dying patients have transportation to the hospice; the costs of caskets and burial are donated
  • Hundreds of villagers have received eye exams, glasses, and surgeries at reduced cost; thanks to donations from U.S. professional groups; a nonprofit eye care facility in the capital city has thousands of eyeglasses


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