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Ways You Can Donate

Epilogos Charities Inc. is a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization. We can accept your donations, and will in return provide you with a donation letter that can be used for your tax-planning purposes. There a number of ways to donate to Epilogos Charities Inc.

1) By Check Donation

Please make your check payable exactly made out to Epilogos Charities Inc. On the memo line, indicate this is a donation. Send this to: Epilogos Charities Inc., PO Box 22, Nashua, NH 03061 USA. If this donation is for a specific item(s), please note that as well.

2) By Credit Card

This is the easiest method for a donation. Simply click on the link here to access the CART page, fill out the necessary information, then select what amount you wish to donate. Once you have placed this in your CART, you can pay for the donation. Your credit card will automatically be billed by our partner, PayPal through a secure website for the items indicated and then you will receive via email, a report of all the items you have purchased through Epilogos Charities Inc.

3) By Matching Donations

Many companies and organizations have matching donation programs. Please check with your employer if they will match your donations to Epilogos Charities Inc. and have them contact us directly should they wish any further information on our tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) status.

4) By Charitable Estate Planning

Charitable giving may help you minimize taxes while also supporting Epilogos Charities Inc. You can give to Epilogos Charities Inc. in your will or during your lifetime. It is important to understand the tax implications of your decisions. Giving as much as you want to charity during your lifetime and after you’re gone may help to reduce federal estate and gift taxes significantly. Gifts made to charities such as Epilogos Charities Inc., specifically, are exempt from gift tax. Contact your tax specialists for advice on this important decision. It is typically a “win-win” for both your estate and for Epilogos Charities Inc.

5) By Setting Up an AmazonSmile Account

By just by making your regular purchases at Amazon, you can help Epilogos Charities Inc. This is explained in our website page, AmazonSmile Donations.

What Your Donated Dollars Can Buy

Your donations to Epilogos Charities Inc. helps in so many ways. When you provide an undesignated donation, we look for the best place to use that donation, either on its own, or added to others for larger projects. For example, these are just a few…

  • $175 - Large cooking stove, used for schools or starting a small tortilla business
  • $55 - Small cooking, for a family
  • $35 - Water filter, for a family
  • $6,000 – New house, for a family
  • $500 – New outdoor latrine, for a family
  • $180 – Educational aid for high school student for a full year
  • $150 – Educational aid for grade 8 & 9 school student for a full year
  • $90 – Educational aid for grade K-7 school student for a full year
  • $200 Adopt-A-Classroom Project

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