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News About Epilogos Charities, Inc.
Epilogos Charities, Inc. in San José Villanueva, El Salvador Issue 10


In past issues of the Epilogos Charities Inc. newsletter, we started introducing members of our organization’s Board of Directors.

These included so far: Dr. Ed Warren, President, and Terry Phillips Vice President & Education/Scholarship Chair, seen in Issue #04, and also Brooke Finnell, Volunteer Coordinator and Ignatius MacLellan, seen in Issue #05.

Now we want to highlight our other current board members and let you hear their stories. We thank them for their years of service and dedication to our many causes in San José Villaneuva, El Salvador! Gracias amigos.


“I have been involved with Epilogos Charities Inc. since I first went to San José Villanueva in 2007. The people of SJV were so warm and welcoming that it was hard not to feel an immediate connection. I have been to SJV several times since, most recently with a group of professionals providing dental and eye care to the people of SJV. I became a Board member a few years ago and now serve as the Treasurer. It’s wonderful to work with such dedicated people.”

David Gordon, Treasurer
Jim Bittman

“I live in Concord, New Hampshire with my wife and 6 children. I initially became interested in Epilogos Charities Inc. as way to give my children a “clue” as to how wonderful they have it growing up in the USA, and particularly in NH, by travelling to El Salvador and showing them how some others live. While the poverty and lack of basic necessities is everywhere, the sincere warmth and kindness of the people in El Salvador and those in Epilogos Charities Inc. has given us all a BIG clue on what it means to truly serve others.”

“I first traveled to San José Villanueva in 2005 with a group of about 8 adults, and was immediately smitten with the village, its residents, and Mike and Susie, who had at that time relocated there from Concord, New Hampshire. After this transformative week, I joined the Epilogos Charities Inc. Board to support the work. I have been fortunate to be able to travel to San José Villanueva several more times – my last four trips have been with larger groups (up to 33 travelers) made up of adult chaperones and high school youth. It is an amazing gift for me to watch the lives of these young adults become forever changed from this powerful experience.”

Denise Sandberg, 
Past Secretary
Michael J. Connolly

“I live in Concord, NH with wife, Julie, where we have raised our six children. Both Julie and I practice law. I joined the board in 2008 after visiting my son, Peter, who was living in San José Villanueva and working with Epilogos and Mike and Susie Jenkins during four months of a gap year before entering college. I was overwhelmed by the extraordinary work done under Mike and Susie’s direction, assisting the wonderful people of SJV in so many important ways: education, home building, clean water, health and medical services, and so many other ways. I have returned to SJV since, as have four of my other children and my wife. Epilogos provides vital services and support to the people of SJV that far transcends the funds donated through the countless hours of volunteer service that changes the lives for the better of the Salvadorans who live in SJV as well as those who give of their time and treasure.”

“As a resident of New Hampshire, I first became involved with Epilogos Charities Inc. when I chaperoned a New Hampshire high school group trip to San José Villanueva in 2011. Upon returning from this first trip El Salvador and absorbing the impact that Mike and Susie Jenkins had made there, I felt compelled to continue to support their efforts so I volunteered as a Board member to the Epilogos Charities Inc. charity in mid-2011 and have served there since.”

Darren Taylor
Arianna Harris

“In 2011 I made my first trip to San José Villanueva, my freshman year of high school. Entering high school I wanted to travel, help those in need and expand my horizons. Ignatius MacLellan was bringing a group of students to El Salvador and I found it to be the perfect opportunity. I traveled with my fellow classmates from Bishop Brady and Concord High. In SJV I fell in love with everything, from the Epilogos Charities Inc. organization to the smiles on people’s faces. Since then I have gone annually to SJV and continue to build ties with the village. After my 5th trip, I was asked to join the Epilogos Charities Inc. board, which I had been striving for. I am excited to continue to help make a difference through Epilogos Charities Inc. and help improve the lives of all my friends in San José Villanueva.”

“Hello all! I am currently a student at Plymouth State University studying Global Health with a Spanish studies minor. I became involved with this organization four years ago when attending my first high school trip. It was hard to say goodbye to the idea of taking these trips to El Salvador as I began my education in college so I decided to join the Board and help in as many ways possible. This experience also was a key factor in pushing me towards what I want to study in school, ultimately I want to improve health care to those outside the United States.”

Kate Dasey
Caroline Harris

“In 2012, with inspiration from my daughter, Arianna, I started what would become an annual trip to San José Villanueva, El Salvador. I developed a strong admiration for the Salvadoran people as we worked together to build homes, educate children, provide medical services and much more. Despite their extreme poverty and lack of resources, they portrayed great pride for their country as well as sincere gratitude and love of the Epilogos volunteers. Since that first visit, I have been passionate about providing opportunities to foster hope and peace for both the young and old in SJV. In 2016, I was fortunate to become a board member of Epilogos Charities, Inc. where I work with an amazing group of volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of the Salvadorans.”

These are amazing stories from amazing people. If you want to learn more about volunteering to help the people of El Salvador, visit our volunteer website page and see how you can make a difference.

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