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Epilogos Charities, Inc. in San José Villanueva, El Salvador Issue 11


Summer Volunteer Trip ResultsEarlier this summer (2017) Epilogos Board members Arianna Harris, Caroline Harris, Terry Phillips, and Kate Dasey, led a team of volunteers on a 10-day mission service trip to San Jose Villanueva (SJV) to undertake and continue a number of exciting projects. Working closely with our local Epilogos team in El Salvador including Graciela Martinez, Keily Gonzalez, and others, and accompanied by Mike & Susie Jenkins, we’d like to share some of the successes. Thank you to everyone who participated in making this happen through your financial, gift, and time donations. Gracias!

La Mendieta School Mural

For La Mendieta School (San Jose Villanueva’s primary school) we kicked off a project fundraising effort asking for $25 donations to buy supplies for painting a new mural on the wall surrounding the school. 29 families donated toward this cause and it was one of the first projects we tackled on this trip, working collaboratively with volunteers and SJV schoolchildren. Thank you to all the donors and volunteers who made this come to life, bringing color, hope, love and peace to SJV. The names of the donors were inscribed along the mural border.

La Mendieta School Mural

1. Kate Dasey working with a young volunteer. 2. Mural painting gets underway. 3. This is a project that brings the community together. The lovely finished mural at La Mendieta School.

Adopt-A-Classroom and other Donations

Epilogos kicked off this new program to provide various classrooms in San Jose Villanueva with educational supplies. We asked people to adopt a classroom for $200 each and we received support from donors for five classrooms. We selected five classrooms at four different schools and asked them to provide a wish list of items, and then made that happen! The students have written thank you letters to the donors. It was a success for the donors, the teachers and the students that participated. Thank you to Graciela and Keily for coordinating all this work.

• La Mendieta - Rosa Maria Ramirez - 2nd grade English
• La Mendieta - Gladis Morena Herrera - Support classroom
• Complejo Educativo Católico - Elizabeth de Sanchez - English Grades 1 - 9
• High School - Isis de Rodríguez - 11th grade (second year) - All Subjects
• Las Dispensas - Willian Adonay Cortez - Science - Grades 1 - 9

There has already been another classroom adopted toward our goal of having five more classrooms for the planned Epilogos October 2017 trip. Our long-term vision is to adopt 10 to 15 classrooms each year going forward. In addition, our Epilogos volunteers visited other classroom to provide donations, supplies, and books, and met with students and teachers.

4. This second grade class and teacher at La Mendieta receive their much deserved classroom supplies. For $200, donors adopted a classroom through Epilogos Charities, Inc. to provide hard working teachers with the supplies needed to teach their wonderful students. On this summer 2017 trip, we adopted five classrooms. 5. Another adopted classroom, for Elizabeth de Sanchez at Complejo Educativo Católico, receives supplies.

6. The donated supplies were very much appreciated and immediately put to use! 7. One of Epilogos adopted classrooms has a teacher who takes care of special needs children. She is one of the only teachers in the area that specializes in this field, and started because her own daughter is autistic. Area schools send their special needs students to her classroom at La Mendieta School about once a week. Here is a photo of a boy who has muscular dystrophy that the group met during the visit.

Big Friend, Little Friend Mentorship

Another new first, launched by volunteer Rachel Whitman and the Epilogos team on this visit to SJV was the “Big Friend, Little Friend” mentorship program where some local high school students benefiting from Epilogos educational aid give back to the community by mentoring and guiding young students in need. It was a wonderful success with lots of smiles and laughter! Keily will continue to run this program going forward meeting two times each month.

Big Friend, Little Friend
Six high school students from SJV volunteer to be mentors to younger students in Epilogos new program called “Big Friend, Little Friend.” It is off to a great start at the first meeting.

Teacher Education Workshops and Teaching English

Epilogos volunteers Tonya Barba Minor, a Spanish teacher, and Christina Potter helped lead several teachers workshops, presenting new teaching techniques and ideas being used in the U.S. to teachers from the La Mendieta elementary school and Complejo Educativo Católico.

Teacher Education Workshops
The two teacher workshops each had about 20-30 teachers attending. The workshop information was based on what the El Salvadoran teachers learned when they came to Strongsville, Ohio (Cleveland) last December in a teacher exchange program. Tonya and volunteers also taught five English classes at the high school and Complejo Educativo Católico with jointly developed lesson plans with the Salvadoran teachers. The emphasis was to have students participate by speaking more English, playing games, and holding interactive lessons.


Throughout the years, there have been numerous articles in papers, magazines, on radio and television interviews on the work Epilogos Charities, Inc. and others have done. This has really helped to spread our message of service and caring in El Salvador. Recently there was a nice article written by Maggie Cassidy of the Brattleboro (VT) Reformer newspaper featuring Epilogos and Board Member Brooke Finnell that can be read here.

For 17 years, Brooke Finnell has been traveling to El Salvador as part of a team of dentists, dental hygienists, and optometrists. Now, as a Board Member of Epilogos Charities, Inc., which focuses on the village of San Jose Villanueva, she coordinates teams of volunteers traveling to the village.

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