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Epilogos Charities, Inc. in San José Villanueva, El Salvador Issue 12


From October 28 to November 4, 2017, a group of eight Epilogos volunteers travelled to San Jose Villanueva (SJV) with a team known as ‘Sight and Bite’ for a dental and optometric mission trip. Group members included Epilogos Board members Ed Warren, OD, Dave Gordon, DMD and Brooke Finnell, RDH. They were joined by two more optometrists, another dentist and two helpers. The group was able to work at the Clinica Municipal thanks to the coordination of Epilogos and SJV Mayor Pedro Duran. The facility was quite luxurious compared to the group’s usual clinic sites!

The Epilogos group provided care for approximately 250 patients who received services including eye exams, eyeglasses, sunglasses, dental cleanings, fillings and extractions. The team worked in collaboration with two El Salvadoran dentists. The International School of San Salvador provided students for translation services. Another exceptional translator that worked with us was Miguel Flores, a former Epilogos scholarship recipient who is currently attending Gavidia University. Our invaluable Epilogos staff and their volunteers coordinated the patients for the clinics and made sure everything ran smoothly. Thanks to all!

1. Dr. Dave Gordon and Dr. Ray Phelan working in the dental clinic. 2. Brooke Finnell with another dental cleaning. 3. Dr. Ed Warren puts up the eye examination chart. 4. Patients waiting for their appointments. 5. It’s all part of the eye exam. 6. Dr. Jane Pentheny counsels a patients during an exam. 7. A young patient admires his new sunglasses. 8. Another patient loves her new sunglasses too.

Followup to the Mentoring and Adopt-A-Classroom Programs

The Epilogos group was also excited to check in on two of our latest projects, the ‘Big Friend/Little Friend’ mentoring program (similar to Big Brother/Big Sister) and ‘Adopt-A-Classroom.’

The mentoring program is run by Keily Gonzalez, Epilogos Administrative Assistant. Participants meet regularly on Saturday mornings. This program has successfully connected grade school children with high school mentors to provide positive role models and counsel. The high school students are Epilogos scholarship recipients who are developing great leadership skills.

In the Adopt-A-Classroom program, we delivered supplies to two kindergarten classrooms. One of these was in La Serena, an area that has not until recently been safe to visit. The other was at El Espiritu. Both teachers were overjoyed with the much-needed supplies they received for their classrooms.

Adopt-A-Classroom Programs

9. Young students enjoy the fun at the mentor program. 10. Another classroom is “adopted’ by Epilogos and provided with $200 worth of classroom items. It much appreciated by everyone that this touches. 11. Many simple items, such as this vocabulary chart, are extremely useful.

Epilogos will continue to adopt classrooms so please consider contributing to help this much-needed program to support children’s education. For $200, a classroom in SJV can be supplied with essential school supplies to support student education. Visit our donation web page and title your donation “Adopt-A-Classroom.”

House Building Project

While all these activities at the clinic and the schools were occurring, a group of Josefinos (local citizens from SJV) were building a house for the Melara family through the generosity of our friends in Canada.

After many years of volunteering and building houses in SJV with the North Renfrew Rotary Club from Ontario Canada, Bob French, Doug Champ and their fellow Rotarians have put down their shovels. Yet they continue to support Epilogos by raising the funds for a home each year. Bob French spearheaded the effort in 2017 and thanks to the generosity of many donors a new house project was fully funded. 2017 marked the first year that a house was built by all Salvadoran volunteers, working with our Epilogos construction staff.

Graciela Martinez, Epilogos Executive Director, coordinated workers who had received homes in previous years, along with scholarship students and other community volunteers. This is a wonderful example of Josefinos “paying it forward” and helping their fellow neighbors.

The four members of the very grateful Melara family were overjoyed with their ‘casa digna.’ This will provide a much-improved living situation for the family, especially their son who has some health issues.

Epilogos would like to continue this business model that has been started by our Canadian Rotarian friends and other major donors. If you are interested in more information about funding a house project please contact us at the Epilogos website.

House Building Project
12. The previous home for the Melara family before new construction. 13. During construction, the new home starts to take shape. 14. A sign from the Melara family says it all for the volunteers and donors. 15. We would like to note that Mike and Susie Jenkins still travel to SJV when groups are visiting, and that they continue in their invaluable role as Epilogos Ambassadors in the U.S., Canada, and El Salvador. To see a video of the trip, including this house construction, visit our website page at epilogos.org.

Scholarship time!

Please consider a year-end donation of an Epilogos scholarship. The school year in El Salvador starts in January so now is the time to sponsor a student.

Epilogos is also trying a new pilot program to provide scholarships to students with physical and developmental needs – these students attend a Catholic school that can provide the additional services they need. Scholarship TimeIf you are interested in learning more about this please visit our donation page. Scholarships include:
$90 – Kindergarten - Grade 6
$150 – Grade 7 - 9
$180 – Grade 10 - 12

16. Graciela Martinez represents Epilogos at the primary school graduation ceremony of students supported with educational aid from the Strongsville, Ohio St Joseph Parish. Also shown are (left to right) SJV Mayor Pedro Duran, Graciela, Padre Gonzalo Ortego, and School Principal Nuvia Ayala Guadalupe.

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