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News About Epilogos Charities, Inc.
Epilogos Charities, Inc. in San José Villanueva, El Salvador Issue 13


27 volunteers from 5 different states met in Houston and traveled to San José Villanueva (SJV) the next day. The group included high school & college students, parent & child duos, siblings, new & seasoned volunteers, plus three Epilogos Board members. From February 22 to March 2, these volunteers gave of themselves and their time. In return, from the heart of SJV, they received memories and connections that would forever remind them "Todos somos iguales." - "We are all equal." Working with the SJV community, this group accomplished much in their seemingly short week.

The group focused on a house build with the Mejia Morales family. The family was warm, and welcoming. Ceci, the mother, provided smiles and hugs to cheer on the hard work. The site was a real challenge! The material had to be hauled up a long steep hill to a very tight site. The group, working with the family and members of the SJV community, practiced “poco a poco” (little by little) to get the material to the site and to get the house built. When the group left, the walls and roof were up, and the floors were filled and the concrete flooring began.

Bottom Left: Morales Family old home
Right: Family's new Casa Digna

The group also refreshed the colorful main mural on Avenida Mike y Susie Jenkins, worked in the schools and delivered much needed school supplies to the excited teachers and students as part of the Epilogos Adopt-a-Classroom program. The group met with families and listened to the impact of the gang violence had on them personally. It's hard to know that the people we all love are living in such violence. Our cheer in response to this violence and the violence of economic poverty: "Stand Up! Fight Back! Casa Digna!"

Left: Board Member Jim Bittman reads in Spanish!
Right: Adopt-a-Classroom Teacher and Students

Joyfully, with cement covered shoes and paint splattered clothes, this group immersed themselves side by side, hand in hand, with the community of SJV. The newly built home, freshly painted mural, humorous stumbles through English and Spanish added to the shared smiles that melted both borders and hearts.


mix1.JPG1. Ocho cubetas de arena/8 buckets of sand

2. Cinco cubetas de grava/5 buckets of rocks

3. Una bolsa de cement/1 100 lb bag of cement

4. Agua/Water

5. Mezcla bien!/Mix well!




Epilogos supporters should know that with all of the gang violence in El Salvador, the number of volunteers visiting San José Villanueva is down significantly. For much of our history, numerous groups came to SJV, bringing hundreds of volunteers who raised the funding for projects large and small, and support of our overall operations. Now, we have fewer groups and people traveling to SJV. This means that donations for all projects and support of the Epilogos organization has also been down.

One model that has worked for the last few years includes presenting to supporters who do not travel to El Salvador the opportunity to sponsor the construction of a house (about $7,500). This way, most of the money raised by travelers can support Epilogos’ overall work (think education, community development, health and Salvadoran staff).

In October 2016 and 2017, our Canadian Rotarian friends sponsored houses, and the travelers’ fundraising went to Epilogos’ overall work. In February 2017, a New Hampshire family paid for the whole house, and the travelers’ fundraising went to Epilogos’ overall work. This year, we continued the new approach with four families donating the $7,500 for the house materials! That meant the rest of the funds raised went to Epilogos’ overall work. So, the new model is working!

If you want to learn about making a house donation, please contact Epilogos Board Member Ignatius MacLellan at igpax@comcast.net

from Graciela Martínez, Epilogos Executive Director

Oportunidad para mostrar solidaridad con tu hermanos y hermanas.
An opportunity to show solidarity with your brothers and sisters.

Una experiencia única, donde se combina la aventura, convivencia y trabajo en equipo.
A unique experience where you get to combine an adventure and be with others working as a team.

Adultos y jóvenes son un complemento con las familias salvadoreñas.
Adults and youth come together in a good way with the Salvadoran families.

Oportunidad para crear amistad y conocer otra cultura.
Opportunity to create friendships and learn about another culture.

Los salvadoreños aprecian los voluntarios y su trabajo, los admiran por tener un corazón de servir y ayudar a las familias pobres. Cuando los grupos visitan SJV.las familias ven una “ LUZ DE ESPERANZA” para realizar sueños que muchas veces parecen imposible de cumplir.
The Salvadorans appreciate the volunteers and their work. They admire the volunteers for having hearts of service and for helping economically poor families. When groups visit SJV, the families see a LIGHT OF HOPE when the families get to realize their dreams (of a house), which often seem impossible to achieve.


Epilogos Charities could not accomplish and continue its mission without the support and collaborations of many groups, individuals and volunteers. We thank and recognize the many groups that have partnered with Epilogos in the past, and those who continue to support our future. Although there is not room to list everybody, we do THANK YOU ALL. Some past and present supporters and collaborators include:

hands.JPG- ADESCO (Asociación de Desarrollo Social Comunitario)
- AJULA (Asociación Josefinos Unidos En Los Angeles)
- The Catholic Parish of San José Villanueva
- Christ the King Parish, Concord, New Hampshire
- El Centro Salesiano Ayagualo

- Engineers Without Borders
- FECORACEN (Federación de Cooperativas de la Reforma Agraria de la Región Central)
- FUNDAMER (Fundación de la Merced)
- Habitat for Humanity International
- PazSalud (PeaceHealth)
- Peace Corps
- Plan Internacionál
- Rotary International including Rotary Clubs in the U.S. (Keene NH, Nashua NH, Hollis NH) and the Rotary Club of North Renfrew (Deep River), Ontario, Canada
- San José Villanueva Josefinos, including the Mayor’s office
- St. Joseph’s Church, Strongsville, Ohio


norbert.jpgEpilogos whole-heartedly thanks Norbert Hobrath and Hobrath Group, LLC. Norbert, a long time supporter of Epilogos Charities, has given his talent and time to launch Epilogos into the wedb-based media world. Norbert and his group redesigned the Epilogos website and produced the first 12 issues of the E-Newsletter. The date of this issue - lucky number 13 - is March A.N. (After Norbert). With Norbert's blessings, Epilogos staff will now produce the newsletter. We thank you, Norbert, for giving us wings to go forward! (visit Hobrath Group, LLC at www.hobrath,com.)
     Norbert Hobrath & Graciela


Left: Arianna Pamela "smiles" at Mom (Graciela).
Right: Mike Jenkins, an Epilogos Founder, holds Arianna.

Graciela Martínez, Executive Director of Epilogos Charities in San José Villanueva, gave birth to beautiful Arianna Pamela on Friday, February 16, 2018. Mom, Dad (Cheque) and baby doing well.

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