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    News About Epilogos Charities, Inc.
    Epilogos Charities, Inc. in San José Villanueva, El Salvador Issue 15

    Epilogos Charities - Become a Sustaining Member!!! 

    Big Friend/Little FriendEpilogos Charities has been the beneficiary of a wonderful act of kindness. An anonymous donor has made a generous financial gift to help sustain the organization going forward. A contribution like this gives us some much-needed breathing room!

    Over the last several years the number of groups travelling to San Jose Villanueva has decreased significantly. Volunteers travelling to the village have been the life-blood of Epilogos, not only working on projects but equally importantly providing funds for us to continue our mission of working with the people of SJV.  Our operating budget is minimal and the Board of Directors has always been very frugal to ensure that we have enough funding to operate, and to provide as much support as possible to SJV.

    Become a Sustaining Member of Epiologos

    How can you help ensure the financial stability of Epilogos and keep us "alive" for years to come? Become a Sustaining Member! We are hoping to significantly increase the number of recurring donors. Since we only have 4 now it shouldn't be difficult to improve that number!

    It's just like public radio says, "you can set it and forget it". Just go to the Epilogos website epilogos.org, click on DONATE, then select the MONTHLY RECURRING DONATION button and choose whatever amount works for your monthly budget.

    Recent funds from the "general fund" have been used for: upgrading bathrooms and replacing leaking roofs in schools, supporting special needs students, providing funding for a roof over a courtyard at Las Dispensas, our wonderful Big Friend/Little Friend program, and more!


    Hospital Rosales Visit

    August 2018 visit to SJV

    Board Member Arianna Harris led a small group to San Jose Villanueva August 14-22, 2018. Graciela and Arianna planned an action packed week for the group which also included Board members Caroline Harris and Terry Phillips. Mike and Susie were in the village to accompany the group too.

    The group packed a lot of activity into their week in the village! They volunteered and donated supplies at the medical clinic in San Juan Buena Vista, distributed water filters in SJV, visited the Hospital Rosales and a Special Education school in Santa Tecla, and they checked in on many of our ongoing projects.

    Water Filter Delivery

    Medical Supply Donation

    Big Friend/Little Friend :

    This program has been a huge success and it is making a significant impact on the younger children. So far there have been 2 sessions with 15 "littles" and 15 mentors in each session. Many of the mentors are Epilogos scholarship students and they are benefiting from the program as well. Teachers are noticing an increase in self esteem in the children participating in the program, and they are developing trusting relationships with their mentors while engaging in fun activities.

    The feedback has been so positive that we are looking at ways to expand the program to provide something similar for older students.

    A big thanks to Keily for overseeing such a successful and rewarding program! It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to prepare for each session.

    Special Education Scholarship Students:

    Epilogos started a pilot program in 2018 to support the education of 3 special education students. Prior to this year the students had limited access to any schooling. The group checked in with the students and their teachers and we are happy to report that they are excited to be in school and they're all making great progress!

    Adopt a Classroom :

    The group delivered school supplies to 3 classrooms - in La Serena, Santa Maria and El Palomar. At this time much-needed educational materials have been delivered to 13 classrooms in 7 schools making for some very happy students and teachers.

    A reminder about the way this program works: For a $200 contribution donors can "adopt a classroom". Graciela works with the teachers to determine what educational materials they need for their classrooms. There is a significant lack of supplies in most Salvadoran classrooms so some examples of items that have been provided are: wall clocks, science and anatomy posters, educational games, etc. The items are delivered to each classroom and the donor receives a Thank You directly from the students.

    Adopt a Clasasroom

    TV News appearance

    The August trip made the news!!! Channel 4 news in El Salvador did an in-depth focus piece on Epilogos Charities during the August trip. Graciela, Arianna and Mike and Susie were interviewed for the program and the footage shows various projects that Epilogos supports.

    Please view the clip at https://youtu.be/NJK689xlbgc

    Teacher Education Workshops

    News from El Salvador

    Congratulations to Ana Cruz!

    We are happy to report that Ana Cruz, long time house manager for Mike and Susie, graduated from La Universidad Pedagogica in July. She received a degree in Education.

    Ana and her son Salvador (June 2018 high school graduate!) have accomplished much since their first contact with the Jenkins and Epilogos. Congratulations to all!!

    Fernando Llort

    We are sad to report the death of famous El Salvadoran artist Fernando Llort on August 10, 2018. He was a very generous supporter of Epilogos and many of you have tiles and other artwork he created. Arianna, Caroline, Graciela, Mike and Susie visited his son Juan Pablo to offer condolences on behalf of Epilogos.

    Canonization of Oscar Romero:

    On October 14th Pope Francis elevated Oscar Romero to Sainthood. The event was streamed live in El Salvador so thousands of people were able to watch the ceremony together. Mike and Susie watched at Divina Providencia Hospital Chapel where Romero was martyred.

    Our partners at St. Joseph's Church in Cleveland honored Romero at mass that weekend and they have a traveling photo exhibit of their church connections in El Salvador.


    How to Donate Now
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    You will receive a donation letter to use as a receipt of your tax deduction to Epilogos.
    THANK YOU for your generosity.

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