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    News About Epilogos Charities, Inc.
    Epilogos Charities, Inc. in San José Villanueva, El Salvador Issue 16

    Epilogos Charities Looks to the Future!

    Strategic Planning meetingDecember 1st, 2018 the Epilogos Board of Directors, joined by Executive Director Graciela Martinez, Keily Guzman, Administrative Assistant and Mike and Susie Jenkins had an all day Strategic Planning meeting led by Sue Haas Williams. Sue is the wife of Epilogos founder Denny Williams, and they generously donated their time to come to Concord, NH to meet with the Board. Sue's career has been spent helping organizations create a map for their future.

    During the meeting we spent time reflecting on the many partnerships Epilogos has been the beneficiary of over the years. We are most grateful for our working relationships with churches in Concord and Lebanon, NH and Cleveland, OH, Rotary groups in the US, Canada and El Salvador, schools in Concord, NH and Strongsville, OH, our Salvadoran partners in San Jose Villanueva and Los Angeles, and the many dedicated volunteers and donors who continue to support our important work.

    Where do we go from here?

    We addressed some challenges we face as an all-volunteer Board - there are only so many hours people can dedicate to the ongoing operation of Epilogos in the US. It became clear that we needed some paid staff in the US to provide administrative support to the Board. Long time Board member Brooke Finnell has been hired on a part time basis to help with projects, communication, and general Board support.

    We are more committed than ever to finding ways to work in collaboration with the community of SJV, and to continue to transform the lives of the volunteers who spend time in the village. At this time, we are prioritizing our long and short-term goals. We have some exciting new ideas that we will be working to implement - stay tuned for details!

    As always, we want to continue to be a beacon of hope for our friends in SJV!

    Epilogos Strategic Planning Meeting

    Reflections from Graciela and Keily

    We were fortunate to have Graciela and Keily join us for our Strategic Planning meeting, and we asked them to share their thoughts about Epilogos. (They both shared very eloquently en espanol, so these thoughts are translated and paraphrased by Brooke Finnell and Google!)


    I have been working for 12 years for Epilogos. Every day I have learned a lot from the people in the community and from foreigners. Epilogos is a foundation that has allowed me to have a different work experience and I am proud to be part of the team.

    Working with Americans has taught me to be very fulfilled, responsible and especially punctual. Over these years I have seen the extreme need in the homes in SJV and it has transformed me into a more humanitarian person, and to value the opportunity to have a job, a home, a family and many friends. It has allowed me to know many volunteers, travel, take a plane for the first time, and see places and things that I could not imagine before. I learned to see life in a new way and to have better expectations of the future.

    I graduated with a Business Administrator degree from the University of Central America and it was a blessing to find this job where I can be an intermediary to help people, families and schools.

    In December I had the opportunity to travel and share with the Board of Directors in a planning meeting to help improve our performance. This motivates me to always do a better job and have a close relationship with the members of Epilogos.

    It was a unique experience walking in the snow which I had only seen in movies before! In my country we never take a sweater and we always have warm weather.

    I have no doubt that all of the volunteers are people with a very large and generous heart who help without waiting for a reward and that has great value for us in El Salvador.

    I am thankful for the opportunity and delighted with the work I do!

     Graciela and Keily snowshoe adventure

    Graciela and Keily Sleigh Ride 


    I'm excited to have such a nice job where I can help families with different life circumstances who visit us at the office, and to be part of a team that is a light of hope for the families of SJV.

    Right now, I am working with Graciela on the scholarship program. We are planning family and youth meetings and helping solve the doubts of parents and young people and giving them prompt solutions to their needs.

    I receive people in the office and provide information about our current Epilogos projects, and keep a record of  projects. I keep track of connections Epilogos has with different institutions, follow up with projects that are in force and those that will be executed with other institutions.

    I am working with Graciela in planning the next house project, and developing the next Big Friend/Little Friend program which starts in March and lasts six months. This is a very nice program where we all learn while working with the children of the Medietta school.

    Personally, I do not have a favorite Epilogos project. For me all the projects are more than special, I enjoy them one by one. I enjoy working with people and being able to help many people with a good heart, full of love and generosity. I am proud to be part of the great team of Epilogos.

    In December I had the opportunity to go to the United States for the first time. It was my first time touching and feeling snow! It was an incredible experience, full of many surprises in a totally different culture.

    I attended a very important Strategic Planning meeting that I loved being a part of. As a Salvadorena and a member of this team I admire and love the commitment they have towards the people of SJV and the help they provide for the most needy families of SJV.

    Graciela, Ezekiel and Arianna

    Upcoming Events:

    FEBRUARY GROUP TRIP - February 22nd -March 1st

    A group of 29 High School students and adults will travel to SJV to help Juan and Delia Garcia and their 3 children build a casa digna (dignified, safe home). And a casita will be built for Masaly Calderon and her son who suffers from hydrocephalus. Many of the group participants are from Bishop Brady and Bow High School, and Christ the King Parish in Concord, NH. They will be joined in by friends from Maryland and North Carolina.


    Save your used clothing, linens and shoes for our next Savers Spring Cleaning Fundraiser in April. We will post the date and drop off locations on our Facebook page. 


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