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    News About Epilogos Charities, Inc.
    Epilogos Charities, Inc. in San José Villanueva, El Salvador Issue 17

    February Trip - a Success!

    Many hands make light workThe last week of February 2019 a group of 29 volunteers from New Hampshire, Maryland, North Carolina and Maine descended upon San Jose Villanueva. The group included adults and students, new and veteran travelers, many parents with their children, and 4 members of the Epilogos Board of Directors. Mike and Susie were in SJV during the trip to lend a helping hand whenever it was needed!

    Group members shared responsibilities for the many tasks that need to happen both ahead of the trip and on the ground in El Salvador. Long-time volunteer Tevis Keach was an invaluable member of the leadership team - she stepped up and helped lighten the load for trip leader Ignatius MacLellan. Other young members of the group rose to the occasion and provided support and inspiration in a multitude of ways.

    The future of Epilogos is in good hands if the young people on the trip are any indication!

    The group fundraising effort was superior!

    The group did a fantastic job raising over $30,000! An anonymous donor raised all of the funds for one house build. And one family made a donation on Giving Tuesday that was matched 2 for 1 by their employer - this provided the funds for the small house. (Giving Tuesday is December 3rd this year - mark your calendars!)

    Muchas Gracias for the fabulous effort from everyone to raise much needed funds for the people of San Jose Villanueva!

    The newly repainted mural

    Big group = Big accomplishments!

    Since this was a large group a lot of work was accomplished in a week's time. There were three work-sites most days: "large" casita, "small" casita, and repainting the mural. People had a chance to experience different work-sites each day if they chose.

    By the end of the week Juan and Delia Garcia and their 3 children had a casa digna awaiting the finishing touches, and Masaly Calderon and her son had a pequeno casa digna.

    Additionally we had a master muralist on the trip so one entire wall of the mural was completely repainted - the transformation is remarkable! 

    None of this could be done without Graciela and our fabulous Epilogos team, including Keily, Chepe, Ruben, Miguel, Kervin and many others. They are there every step of the way working hand in hand with the volunteers to make sure everything goes without a hitch. We also had a lot of volunteer help from the community: families who have received houses previously, scholarship students, community leaders, the Women's softball team (of course!), and many others.

    Graciela and members of the group were interviewed for the Channel 4 News Noticias Vision - check out the link here:


     Through the tears and heartbreak, laughter and hugs, the endless lugging of concrete blocks, stone and sand, painting in the oppressive sun, visiting the restroom a little too frequently and some exciting cribbage games, many long-lasting memories were made!

    View Kervin's trip video here:



    Adopt a Classroom - Santa Maria and El Compuelo

    Adopt a Classroom Las Dispensas 


    Three classrooms were provided much needed supplies on this trip.

    UR photo: Group member Carol Jordan and her cribbage, and Boot Camp groups raised the funds and provided supplies for a first- grade classroom in Santa Maria.

    UL photo: Bishop Brady students Devin Sandberg, Peter Bittman, Abigail Tremblay and Julia Latham with assistance from a Brady community family raised the funds for a kindergarten classroom in El Complejo. The students had a bake sale over three days at their school. They had a display of photos from previous trips along with information about the families who would be receiving new homes.

    Bottom photo: Group member Carlos Nicolosi and his Interact Rotary group from Concord, NH raised the funds to adopt a second-grade classroom in Las Dispensas. There are currently 6 Concord High School students in Interact and they raised the funds by setting up a display during lunch in the cafeteria and asking for donations.

    Arianna, Mike and Jim filling the truck

    We had another successful clothing drive on April 27, 2019 organized by Epilogos fundraising committee members Caroline and Arianna Harris and Terry Phillips. Jim Bittman rented a U-Haul truck to transport all the donations to the drop off site on a rainy Saturday morning.

    2850 pounds of goods were collected and we raised almost $650 to benefit the Big Friend/Little Friend program.

    We would like to extend thanks to everyone who helped with this event: Bishop Brady High School, Lebanon, NH Rotary, Concord, NH Rotary, previous travelers, Board members, family and community friends of Epilogos.

    Epilogos Board Member News:

    Congratulations to Epilogos Board member Arianna Harris who received her Master's in Occupational Therapy from the Massachusetts School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in May.

    Peter Bittman, son of long-time Board Member Jim Bittman, won the Rotary District 7870 4-Way Test Speech Competition May 4th in Danvers, MA. Peter's winning speech focused on his most recent trip to San Jose Villanueva and the impact this had on him. He speaks very eloquently about the challenges of gang violence in the country and the ways we can all positively affect the Salvadorans.

    The 4-Way Test was adopted by Rotary in 1943 and it asks these questions. Of the things we think, say or do:

    1. Is it the TRUTH?
    2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
    3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?
    4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

    Please click here for a video of Peter's winning speech: 


    There is a wonderful article about Ignatius MacLellan in the Winter Alumni Bulletin of the Portsmouth Abbey School. In the article Ig shares his passion for the people of San Jose Villanueva. See link:


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