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News About Epilogos Charities, Inc.
Epilogos Charities, Inc. in San José Villanueva, El Salvador Issue 04

Epilogos’ Committed Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Epilogos Charities Inc. started in 2005, after a group of volunteers visited Mike & Susie Jenkins during a trip to San José Villaneuva to build a house in the community. Most of the group were from Concord, New Hampshire, and either knew or had heard of Mike & Susie and their mission work. Upon returning back to the States, some of the volunteers from the trip, including Terry Phillips and her husband Dave Gordon, Ignatius MacLellan, Jim Bittman, Cheryl Nichols and Ed Warren, decided to form a Board to help organize and raise funds for the work in San José Villanueva. The Board has grown steadily through the years. “We remain committed to the work there,” asserts member Terry Phillips. In this, and future issues of the newsletter, we’ll introduce you to our Board members.

Ed Warren, President

“I first became interested in the work of Epilogos in 2003 through the scholarship program that Mike & Susie Jenkins established. After supporting my student for two years I was invited to volunteer as an optometrist in El Salvador. Meeting my student, Wendy Cuellar, cemented my love for the work Mike and Susie were doing. As a member of Rotary I found other clubs scattered across the US, Canada and El Salvador interested in the Jenkins’ work. Mike and Susie enlisted the aid of Rotary, churches, schools and other service groups to help the people of San José Villanueva. The list of projects and the services they brought to the small village of San José Villanueva has been inspiring. So much so that I feel motivated to continue their efforts by serving on the Epilogos board, continuing to participate in the scholarship program, and spreading the word of their good works to anyone who will listen.”

Terry Phillips, Vice President

“Ten years ago I went on my first service trip to San José Villanueva. I fell in love with the people there and the work Mike and Susie were doing. I vowed to help this project. Several of us from that first trip decided to form a board to administrate Epilogos. We applied for our non-profit status and we have remained committed to the Josefinos (the people who live in San José Villanueva) and the staff in El Salvador. Our aim to keep Epilogos’ mission alive. One of the proudest accomplishments of my life has been what I could contribute as President of Epilogos for 5 years and as Education/Scholarship Chairperson for 10 years. I look forward to many more years on the Epilogos board. This photo of me is with the student we helped through high school through the Epilogos Scholarship program. In addition, our other student is in his 3rd year of college in San Salvador.”

You’ll be reading more about other Board members in future issues.


Good News on Donations, Events, and Other Happenings

We Appreciate Your Donation!

Thank you, First Congregational Church of Lebanan, NH

Epilogos Charities Inc. recently received a nice donation from the First Congregational Church of Lebanan, NH, to aid in projects in the village of San José Villanueva. Thank you so much for your support. You are one of our many valued contributors who are making a difference in the world today.

Work and Fun.

Work & Fun.

San José Villaneuva familyVolunteer Rick Mack from St. Joseph Church in Strongsville (Cleveland), Ohio, brought his ‘Berea-Midpark Solidarity Group’ to El Salvador from July 1-10, 2015 to build another new home (shown above) for a family (shown right) in San José Villaneuva. You can see a great 34 second time lapse video of the house painting here. This is the 6th home built by the Group over the years, and Rick has also led other trips in past years to build a stage at the school, seal the wall in the town where a large mural was painted, dig latrines, deliver supplies, and also volunteer at the COAR orphanage working with the children there. At the end of the trip this year, the Group from Cleveland even played the local San José Villaneuva ladies softball team (a very competitive team!), which is sponsored by Epilogos Charities Inc. Congratulations. As a sidenote, Ignatius MacLellan, an Epilogos Board Member who also leads volunteer work groups that come to San José Villanueva, says his groups always challenge the same ladies softball team (and loses each year). Ignatius says, “It is always a challenging experience interacting with the wonderful Salvadorans. They work so hard and yet live in an economic poverty that is hard to understand and accept. We are, in many ways, powerless and this causes great unrest in our hearts, minds and souls. So, a little softball provides a fun diversion from this intense experience. Yet, even in the game, connections and kindnesses occur that are lasting and impactful. We meet new people and long-time friends, and we play the game with vigor and laughs! After it is over, we take time to share food, drink and companionship. And then I ask our team to stop to reflect on where they are (in the middle of field in the middle of the village in El Salvador) and reflect about how cool it is to play softball against these determined people… it is a true unique and cherished experience. Epilogos’ commitment to continue these games is a very good thing for all of us.”


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