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News About Epilogos Charities, Inc.
Epilogos Charities, Inc. in San José Villanueva, El Salvador Issue 05

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The big news for this issue is the introduction of the new Epilogos Charities Inc. website! The new website is the culmination by your Board members over many months of planning and writing this past summer and fall. http://www.epilogos.org

New Epilogos Charities Inc. website

The new website delivers valuable information and makes it easier to learn about our organization, including:

  • A closer reflection of what the Epilogos Charities Inc. organization is all about, and how we serve those in the San José Villanueva community.
  • A better user experience because the website’s layout ‘adapts’ its content to fit on different and multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and/or desktops.
  • A simpler layout and navigation so you easily find any information.
  • An easier method to make donations and pay for trip expenses, etc. Simply click on what you need, and the payment process is simple.
  • A richer graphic experience with many photos of past trips and user experiences.
  • A convenient way to upload your stories, comments, photos, etc.

Let us know what you think! We hope you enjoy it.


In the last issue, we introduced you to several Epilogos Charities Inc. Board of Directors, President Ed Warren, and Vice President Terry Phillips. Now, meet...

Ignatius MacLellan

“Mike and Susie Jenkins invited Eleanor, my wife, and I to visit El Salvador to ‘see, hear and smell’ the experience. With hesitation and great trepidation, we made our first trip in 2004, and I have been a Board member since 2006. I have been fortunate to work with others in bringing many youths and adults to San José Villanueva. ‘I have fallen in love with the Salvadoran people and with others who work with Epilogos Charities Inc.’ That sums up my sense of why Epilogos Charities Inc. matters. Epilogos Charities Inc. provides us visitors with the opportunity to become brothers and sisters with the Salvadorans and to be in solidarity with them in their joys and struggles. We do both intangible things — like visiting families, listening to stories or reading books with children — and doing tangible things — usually building a house with a family. Epilogos Charities Inc. gives us an opportunity to work, play and walk with the people of San José Villanueva. Our trip motto is ‘Todos somos iguales’ (We are all equal).”

Brooke Finnell

“In 2000 I started traveling annually to El Salvador with a group of dentists and optometrists who provided care in Cabanitas and Suchitoto. In 2007 Ed Warren introduced me to the Jenkins and the community of San José Villanueva. Right away I liked the way Epilogos Charities Inc. worked in partnership with the community members. I joined the Board in 2009 and became the Volunteer Coordinator a couple of years later. I enjoy fielding questions from new groups interested in travelling to SJV, and I really enjoy working with our many returning groups. I appreciate all of our many generous volunteers – they are the lifeblood of Epilogos Charities Inc.”

Look to meet other Board members in future issues.

Good News on Donations, Events, and Other Happenings
Thank you

We Appreciate Your Donation!

At this time of year, we receive many inquires on how best to make donations to further the valuable efforts of our team in El Salvador. The new website makes that a lot easier. You can now click on the Donations page, select what you’d like to donate, and click your approval. Of course, you will receive a letter acknowledging your contribution amount. Or you can always send in your check and fill out the information shown below. THANK YOU and may your blessing grow as you bless others with your generosity.

How to Donate Now
Online Visit our web site,
Epilogos.org and look for the donation designation.
Via Mail Clip this form and return with your check exactly made to:
Epilogos Charities Inc., PO BOX 22, Nashua, NH 03061 USA.

You will receive a donation letter to use as a receipt of your tax deduction to Epilogos.
THANK YOU for your generosity.

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