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News About Epilogos Charities, Inc.
Epilogos Charities, Inc. in San José Villanueva, El Salvador Issue 08


2016 was a year that brought much change to our organization. But one thing that didn’t change was our commitment to help the people of San José Villanueva, in El Salvador.

A primary focus of Epilogos Charities Inc. is helping to construct new housing for people in the community. We did just that again in October 2016, thanks to our loyal Canadian supporters.

First, the Canadian Rotarians from the North Renfrew Canada Rotary Club conducted a fund-raising drive to secure the money for construction materials for a new home.

Next, a working crew of 10 people from the United States, including Epilogos Board Members, traveled to San José Villanueva to work on building the house for a week in October. A second construction team was arranged and organized by Graciela Martinez, Executive Director of the Epilogos Office in San José Villanueva, and Keily Gonzalez, Epilogos Administrative Assistant, of volunteers from the local community to help each day. This group included the city’s Mayor (Alcalde) Pedro Durán, and other ‘Josefinos’ (locals of San José Villanueva) such as scholarship students, teachers, families that we had built houses for previously, ADESCO, our security guards, and the city women’s softball team. This was quite a group!

Just as importantly, the Guzman family, who would be receiving the new house also contributed as part of the crew, and worked hard alongside the team during the entire process. It was a moving experience for everyone involved, including our caring Canadian donors. THANK YOU.

Combining so many sources for fundraising and construction may just be a new “business model” for Epilogos Charities Inc. for future homes. It is a great way to get people from Canada, the USA, and the rest of the world directly involved without having to travel with a big group to complete the project. This enables the Josefinos to help their neighbors in a meaningful way. A win win win all around. Here’s the story in photos...

New Home Building

1. The Guzman family has been living here, with their relatives.
2. Digging holes for posts.
3. Dirt, sand and gravel for the construction.
4. Making concrete to hold the posts.
5. Coordinating the work of many volunteers.
6. All building supplies are carried up a steep hill to the home site.
New Home - 2
7/8. These building blocks are very heavy.
9. Building the walls for the home.
10/11. One block at a time, the job gets done.
12. Working alongside the many dedicated volunteers from San José Villanueva.
New Home - 2
13. The new roof is put on, and the patio work is started.
14. Finishing the walls.
15. Chepe Jose Cordero, Epilogos Leader of Construction Projects, oversees another successful house building.
16. A personal thank you to Bob French and the North Renfrew Canada Rotary Club for raising the funds for the new home.
17/18. The Guzman family is proud to show their new home.
19. Thank youA very grateful Guzman family made personalized thank you notes for each of the volunteers that say, “Thank you for making possible our dream of having a dignified place to live.”


At this holiday time of year, we often get asked about making donations by year-end. This is timely, especially since the new school starts in January in El Salvador, and with your help, we are able to offer educational aid to students in need. And there are many in need! So thank you for your thoughtful consideration for this and other support areas. You can learn more about making donations by visiting the Epilogos website donation page.

How to Donate Now
Online Visit our web site,
Epilogos.org and look for the donation designation.
Via Mail Clip this form and return with your check exactly made to:
Epilogos Charities Inc., PO BOX 22, Nashua, NH 03061 USA.

You will receive a donation letter to use as a receipt of your tax deduction to Epilogos.
THANK YOU for your generosity.

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