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We Work With, Not For, the People Who Benefit From Our Projects

As of 2017, Epilogos has….

  • Adopted 7 classrooms
  • Built 71 Houses
  • Provided scholarships to 897 High school students and 386 Elementary students
  • Distributed 750 high efficiency stoves
  • Distributed 500 water filters
  • Have had about 1,000 volunteers visit SJV

Since 2002, Epilogos Charities Inc. has been involved with rural community development, with all projects initiated and implemented with Salvadoran collaboration and partnership. Project recipients contribute at least 30% of the project cost through manual labor or financial contributions. We work in tandem with our Salvadoran partners, a nationally certified community development agency. We include the beneficiaries in all stages of the projects.

Epilogos Charities Inc. has a community development strategy that is built for long-term success. Things are not given away – they are worked for, exchanged, or bought for low prices. Outright charity is unproductive for several reasons. It is humiliating to those who receive it because a reliance on the beneficence of others is incompatible with human pride. It inspires no value in the objects given; when a community gives its blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish the construction of a building, it will not allow this building to fall into disrepair. Lastly, direct charity is a quick fix; it supplies help in the present, but provides recipients no ability to subsist in the future.

In early 2017, a group of volunteers from Concord, New Hampshire, led by Epilogos Charities Inc. Board Member Ignatius 'Ig' MacLellan, travelled to San Jose Villanueva, El Salvador, for several projects. First they came to help a family of six build a house, which they were able to accomplish in less than a week with the help of Chepe and many locals who also volunteered. Second, they repainted the 300-yard-long mural in the center of San Jose Villaneuva, a source of great pride for the local community. The story of this trip is captured in these photos, shown in a moving 13-minute video tribute to all involved. Click on this link here for Vimeo access:  https://vimeo.com/208723017 Thank you to all who made this happen, and for the memorable video.

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