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We'd love to hear your comments about your experiences with Epilogos Charities Inc. You can leave your comments on our contact us page. In addition, we encourage you to post your photos on our Facebook page. Thank you.

Maria MacLellan
“Take a look at some Epilogos photos posted on Shutterfly.”

An Epilogos Volunteer
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Erik C
“My trip to El Salvador was the most amazing experience that has ever occurred to me. The people I met there were like no one else I had ever met: kind, welcoming, and loving. Everywhere I went I found smiles on people's faces, and every time I said goodbye to someone I just met, I received a hug. I hope to return to El Salvador soon so I can make new memories and experience more with the amazing people. This trip was one I will never forget.”

Ketan Shah - Rice EWB
“My favorite part of the trip was the evening we put up the solar panel mount. It seemed like the project was finally coming together, and so many of the residents were helping late into the night. It was a great experience, as was the rest of the trip.”

Michael Long - Rice EWB
“I remember this time sitting at Tomas' house and having community members pay us a visit. We all listened to him, and maybe for the first time I understood what was said. I finally got to experience first hand how the people dream of engineering projects improving their lives.”

Angie Martin
“During the visit to Romero's residence at La Divina Providencia, I translated for a nun who gave us a tour. Her passion for justice and the importance of that history for her needed no translation, but in translating her words I felt their power more than I ever had before.”

Elizabeth Johnson
“Some of my favorite moments: meeting and talking with patients (including Brenda) at La Divina Providencia, baking cookies with the ladies in the bakery, and building the house with Habitat volunteers. The people here are truly inspirational and incredible.”

Diane LeCours
“One day when we were painting the mural I was up on a higher ladder and as school was getting out, and I was saying "hola", more and more people and students began to gather. We talked about the animals on the mural and after I would say the name in English, they all repeated it in unison. This was only one moment among many, many unforgettable ones here in El Salvador.”

Melissa Clack
 “On Friday morning, I went to the dedication of the mural at the school. Standing on stage, translating for everyone, I was looking at all the beaming faces and was so aware of all the love, pride, and admiration that filled the schoolyard - it was so powerful!”

Amanda MacNaughtan - Ottawa, Canada
 “I have learned the stepping stones to lasting change... giving home visits and being invited in and made comfortable in tiny makeshift homes. It was an honor to hear the stories of the family including the hardships of daily life and illness or an ill family member. Through the smiles and tears I found a connection to these new friends and family members... It is the humanity in us to respect this and learn from one another, allowing us to work together for a common goal - LOVE.”

Sarah Farrell – Sanoma, CA
 “After working really hard at the Habitat house digging trenches, I noticed two boys playing basketball outside our house. I was exhausted but I sat down and watched them shoot the ball into the trash bucket. They came over to me and asked me if I wanted to play and as tired as I was I would never turn down basketball. We shot
hoops for a while, then another girl from our group came out and they asked us if we wanted to play one-on-one, in English. They introduced themselves to us in English and they weren't shy at all to try. Their names were Charlie and Hugo. Every day since then, when I see them, they've waved and said hi. Those faces and smiles, I'll never forget.”

Jonny Crocker – Tuft EWB
 “The most memorable experience for me on this trip was my last night spent in Arada Vieja talking with Alfonso. He told us how the community first started, and how the first few families struggled to get through each year. They slowly got enough credit to buy and plant "milpa", and became more stable. He thanked me for helping him in his fight to make his children's lives a little easier and happier than his own.”

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