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You can also help our cause by educating yourself and others about El Salvador’s history and the Civil War (1980–1992), and about the town of San José Villanueva.

Movies for Adults

(Please note that these movies show some difficult scenes and may not be appropriate for children.)

  • Romero – Starring Raul Julia, this movie is accurate according to those who lived through the war.
  • Innocent Voices – This movie has received many awards from film festivals; this shows the war as seen through the eyes of an eleven-year-boy and his family.
  • Salvador – This movie, directed by Oliver Stone, has been nominated for two Oscars.

Recommended Books

  • Bitter Grounds, by Sandra Benitez
  • Witness to War, by Charles Clement (out of print)
  • El Salvador: The People and Culture (Lands, Peoples, and Cultures), by Greg Nichols
  • The History of El Salvador (The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations), by Christopher M. White
  • From Grandmother to Granddaughter: Salvadoran Women’s Stories, by Michael Gorkin, Marta Pineda and Gloria Leal
  • El Salvador (Enchantment of the World. Second Series, by Marion Morrison
  • Revolution in El Salvador: From Civil Strife to Civil Peace, Second Edition, by Tommie Sue Montgomery
  • El Salvador in Pictures (Visual Geography. Second Series), by Francesca Davis DiPiazza
  • COAR Children’s Village - History of the Community of Oscar Arnulfo Romero – COAR – in El Salvador 1980-2005, by Thérèse Osborne

About the Town of San José Villanueva and El Salvador