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Finding & Creating Water Sources Is Critical

Before Epilogos...

Families bathed and washed their clothing in contaminated rivers that also served as toilets for cows, horses, and people. Streets were strewn with trash. There was not one trash receptacle in the entire village. Many parts of the village had no electricity. Most parts of the village had no running water.

...And now

  • Five communities have environmentally friendly public wash stations.
  • A solar system provides light before sunrise and after sunset for the new steps that go down to the wash stations.
  • More than 300 families have household water purification filters for cooking and drinking.
  • Most households and some schools in the village center now have recycling bins.
  • The streets are much cleaner.
  • An entire water delivery and purification system has been installed in an area with no electricity, an incredible effort by the community whose pride and dignity have been enhanced by their volunteer labor and funding.
  • Many families who had no electricity now have solar energy in their homes and community centers.

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