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Providing New Skills To Become Self Sufficient

Before Epilogos...

Sporadic efforts in skills training met with disappointing results. Women, particularly single mothers, rarely left their homes and had few resources for generating income. Many men and women had skills but inadequate tools and knowledge to manage a business.

…And now

  • A small business cooperative is making a profit from harvesting shrimp and tilapia and selling seafood dinners in a rural restaurant. Training and ongoing support continues in collaboration with local agencies.
  • Several women work in local bakeries after receiving training and three years of on-the-job experience. Others who also received training have a contract to provide healthy lunches and snacks to the local high school students.
  • Volunteers from the U.S. have worked with local carpenters, teaching them new skills and techniques. They also donated tools for future training workshops.
  • Seamstresses have trained women to measure, cut, and sew clothing on donated sewing machines.
  • Volunteers have taught women to embroider flour sacks and create angels, flowers, and wreaths from paper and corn husks. These industries bring in extra funds to help cover family expenses.
  • Several of the women use the income to make monthly payments on their houses, built through Habitat for Humanity.

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